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Badge Application


Individuals who require unescorted access to the Air Operations Area (AOA), Restricted, Secured or Sterile Areas at Long Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA) must have an Airport-issued photo identification badge. Badge issuance is limited to individuals who have cleared the FBI-based criminal history check and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Threat Assessment (STA) and have a frequent and recurring need for access. All badge applicants must also provide documentation establishing identity and employment eligibility (see I-9 form below). Contact the LIMA ID Section at 631-467-3315 for more information on the procedure.

All applicants must submit the Badge Application form, which must be completely filled out, signed by the employer and submitted to the Long Island MacArthur Airport ID Section for processing. The form will be reviewed by the Airport’s ID Section for accuracy. Badge application forms are available at LIMAs ID Office or by fax or email, upon request. Only an ORIGINAL Badge Application Form will be accepted.

DO NOT submit a photocopy.

All Badge applicants must present two forms of identification or documentation when applying for or renewing a Long Island MacArthur Airport ID Badge. For a list of acceptable documents, please click on the link below:

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Each company that requests LIMA ID Badges must identify one or more responsible company employees as ”Authorizing Signers.” Only Badge Application Forms signed by an “Authorizing Signer” will be accepted for processing. Names of individuals authorized to sign Badge Application Forms for a particular company are on file in the LIMA ID Office. Each Badge Application submitted for processing will be checked to ensure that it is authorized by one of the designated individuals. Only individuals who possess a LIMA photo ID Badge may be Authorizing Signers. The signature of an Authorizing Signer on a Badge Application Form certifies that the applicant is an employee of the particular company, requires unescorted access to the AOA, and that the Application has been reviewed for completeness. The Authorizing Signer is also responsible for indicating on the Badge Application that the employee will have a need to drive on the AOA.