The "No Hassle" Airport

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Long Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA) combines the hustle and bustle of an airport without normal hassles associated with travel. Parking is easy and inexpensive, and screening lines are short, allowing passengers more time to enjoy their travels rather than worrying about them. Despite handling more than two million passengers in 2008, LIMA, owned and operated by the Town of Islip, maintains its growing reputation as a No-Hassle Airport. Several amenities have recently been added to enhance the passenger’s experience, including the Mothers’ Room, where nursing mothers can nurse their infants. The construction of a non-denominational chapel is also slated to begin in 2009, and free wireless Internet access is slated to be available by the end of the year. Meeters and greeters can wait in the new Cell Phone Lot free of charge, and plans are underway to institute an informational radio station to better serve the traveling public. Free parking is available for residents with the proper Town of Islip permit, and inexpensive parking is available and broken down into three areas: Short-term (Hourly), Long-term (Daily) and Economy. A free shuttle bus to and from the terminal is available to those parking in the Economy Lot. Originally used an air base for the United States government during World War II, passenger traffic at LIMA began in the early 1960s with service to Boston and Washington, D.C. Today, over 60 flights per day travel in and out of LIMA with nonstop service to seven destinations and connections to a variety of cities across the country, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix