The "No Hassle" Airport


Directors, Comedians and Fashion Photographers
Falling in Love with LIMA

     If you love going to the movies, be sure to look out for the film “Every Day” directed by Richard Levine and starring Academy Award winner Helen Hunt, Liev Schreiber, and Long Island born and bred, Tony Award winner Brian Dennehy.  Long Island MacArthur Airport provided the setting for key scenes for the film, currently in post-production.  In addition, LIMA also hosted Comedy Central as they shot a promotion for comedian Mike Birbiglia’s recent comedy tour de force, “I’m In The Future Also” which kicked off last July in Dayton, Ohio and made a stop in nearby Manhattan too.  Check out for more on Mike Birbiglia, one of America’s most up and coming young comedians.  Finally, the Bayport Aerodrome, the historic grass airfield operated by LIMA, played host to international fashion photographer Adam Whitehead.  Mr. Whitehead’s Aerodrome photo shoot will be featured in the December edition of the fashion magazine, Italian Flair.