The "No Hassle" Airport

MacArthur Airport Projects
Project Objective Benefits
Aviation Demand Update


This study will facilitate an increase in airport operations.  The project consists of reviewing traffic, fares, load factors and capacity for the respective trends when compared to mutually selected peer airports, and those located within the greater New York metropolitan area.  The Aviation Demand Upadate will review forecasts from the 1990 Master Plan, the 2002 Terminal Area Plan and the FAA Regional Air Service Demand Study conducted in 2007.  A detailed leakage study is also part of this Federally funded project.


Development of an updated demand forecast for passengers, cargo and general aviation, increasing productivity for airport operations.  This study will help with the retention of existing air service, both commercial and general aviation, and the addition of new air service.

Rehabilitation Runway 6-24 Lighting


This project consists of removing the existing cables that are direct burial and replacing them with new cables in conduit between edge lights, threshold lights, signage and the electrical vault.


The existing cables controlling the runway edge lights and threshold lights were originally installed in 1993 and have taken innumerable lightning strikes.  The lighting system has reached its maximum life span and is need of replacement.

Install Runway Centerline Lights, Touchdown Zone Lights, and Guard Lights for RWY 6/24


This project consists of the installation of new in-pavement lighting for the centerline and Runway 24 touchdown zone.  It also consists of the installation of Runway Guard Lights at the intersections of Runway 6 and 24.  Other work includes coring, trenching, conduit, wiring, regulators, electrical vault work, duct banks, electrical manholes, pavement markings, pavement restoration, topsoil and seeding.


Increases safety on the airfield for arrivals on Runway 24 and departures on Runway 6 and 24.  This project will reduce minimums and provide “active runway lights” at runway/taxiway hold lines.  Runway Visual Range will be reduced from 1200 feet to 600 feet for roll out (take-off), and from 2400 feet to 1200 feet touch down (landing).  The Guard Lights will provide additional security measures at runway intersections.

Terminal Area Roadway Improvements


Stated to begin this summer, The Terminal Area Roadway Improvement Project calls for the construction of several new roadways, the east access roadway and it will also include improvements to the airport exit road to the Veterans Highway and terminal frontage roadway.  Also included is a new dynamic messaging signage system, frontage roadway canopy by the ticketing and baggage claim wings, speed bumps and truck traps at Air Operations Area gates.


This will allow for easier access in and around the front of terminal.  The canopy affords passengers protection from inclement weather.