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Press Center Guide

This guide provides information on policies and procedures regarding media relations; filming at LIMA, and security considerations that all members of the press should know when working in an airport environment.


     All inquiries, including requests for statements, interviews, permission to film or photograph, and to set-up a one-on-one press tour, should be made to the Director of Communications/Public Affairs, Catherine Green.

Office Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

     In the event of an after hours emergency, media can call (516) 749 - 8696, or contact the LIMA Law Enforcement Office at (631) 467 - 3315 and ask to have Ms. Green contacted. When leaving a message, please provide your name, name of news organization, return phone number, and nature of the emergency request or issue. Calls will be returned ASAP.

News Media Film/Photography/Videotape

     Long Island MacArthur Airport makes every effort to accommodate the needs of the working press, but reserves the right to restrict access to specific areas when necessary.  For access to all areas of LIMA controlled by the airport administration, members of the press must contact Ms. Green directly.  Access to runways, taxiways and secure areas is prohibited at all times.  Videotaping and photographing in any part of the airport for commercial purposes requires the approval of Airport Operations.  Members of the press must carry a valid press pass from Suffolk County, Nassau County, or New York City, unless an exception has been arranged.

Commercial Film/Photography/Videotape

     Long Island MacArthur Airport encourages the use of its facilities for film, video and commercial still photographers, and will make every effort to accommodate these activities while maintaining our first priority - a safe, efficient, operational airport.

     Beginning with the 1970 film “Out of Towners” starring Jack Lemmon, Long Island MacArthur Airport has provided the setting for numerous commercial and documentary film productions.  During 2008 - 2009, several productions were filmed at LIMA, including Everyday, directed by Richard Levine and starring Helen Hunt, Liev Shriver and Brian Dennehy.

     Producers and location scouts can contact the Director of Communications/Public Affairs to schedule a walk through of the facilities and discuss logistics, such as parking, electrical access and security.  Please allow at least five business days to arrange shoot.

What to Provide When Requesting a Commercial Shoot

  • Date of production, with estimated crew call and wrap timeline
  • Brief description: example: two scenes for feature-length film
  • Estimated number of personnel, both crew and talent
  • Amount and kinds of vehicles and equipment
  • Name, title and contact information (cell, fax, email, snail)
  • Insurance certificate with minimum $1 million liability