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Return of Badge

It is the responsibility of each company to maintain accountability of all Long Island MacArthur Airport ID Badges issued to their employees. Badges must be retrieved and returned to the Airport when an individual no longer requires access to the AOA, Restricted or Secured Areas, resigns, is terminated, retires, is laid-off, on strike or is on medical or maternity leave. Badges must be returned to LIMAs ID Office on a Returned Badge Form within 3 days (72 hours) of the separation.

NOTE: Contractor Badges are valid only for the construction project for which they were issued. Upon completion of the project, all badges must be returned.

In cases when an ID Badge is not retrieved from the individual at the time of separation, LIMAs ID Office must be notified by telephone or in person within 8 hours. In cases of termination for cause, where the company does not have the LIMA photo ID Badge, notification must be made IMMEDIATELY. Upon notification, the Long Island MacArthur ID Office will revoke the individual’s access in the Security Card Access Control System, to prevent any further access to the AOA, Restricted or Secured Areas. A Separation Form must still be filled out and submitted, indicating what steps the company has taken to retrieve the ID Badge from the former employee.


Failure to notify Long Island MacArthur Airport about any LIMA photo ID Badge that you can no longer account for is a violation of the Airport Security Plan and may result in administrative sanctions and/or civil penalties.