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Terminal Roadway Improvement Project

A major roadway realignment project has recently started in and around the Main Terminal at Long Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA). This construction project, funded completely through the airport’s Passenger Facility Charges, is estimated to be completed over a period of 15 months and will provide numerous benefits to the traveling public.

The biggest component includes the addition of two new traffic lanes in front of the terminal that will act as express lanes, as well as a raised island with a canopy that will provide shelter from inclement weather for arriving and departing passenger traffic.  The current lanes in front of the terminal will act as local traffic dropoff lanes, helping to relieve the current congestion during peak travel times.

The roadway realignment will also eliminate the bend and traffic congestion just after past the Terminal Building improving overall safety and also allowing easier access to the West Side of the Main Terminal property. Several areas of roadway will also undergo milling and repaving, including Schaefer Drive and Roebling Court, two access points that serve as secondary entrances and exits off of Veteran Highway.

We will also be revamping the directional signs around the entire roadway system, giving the traveling public a much clearer, concise way to navigate the Airport.

For questions regarding the Terminal Roadway Improvement Project and any impacts it may have, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Continue to check for the most updated information as the project moves forward.