The "No Hassle" Airport


Discount LIRR “Train to Plane”
Ticket Gets You to LIMA Faster/Cheaper/Easier

     Why fight traffic on the Long Island Expressway just to get to airports where your plane waits in line for take-off for what seems like hours! There‚Äôs an easier way.  The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) offers a convenient discount package for riders headed to Long Island MacArthur Airport where your plane is always first in line for take-off.  You can take the train from Penn Station, New York or any other station on the Ronkonkoma line, for $18 or less for a one-way ticket to the Ronkonkoma Train Station, which includes a complimentary shuttle service to the airport.  When your train arrives in Ronkonkoma just hop a waiting Colonial Transportation Shuttle for the five minute ride to the airport.  Hand the shuttle driver your train ticket and away you go.  Purchase “MacArthur Airport Package” tickets at LIRR ticket offices or from self-serve ticket machines under “Getaways & Packages.”  Tickets are not currently available on the train or at the airport so travelers are advised to get two one-way tickets before you travel to ensure round trip discount service. 

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